How I color my ties.... with videos

Here you can view a 3 part video I put together showing how I color the ties on my O scale layout.

First is part 1, in this video you will see the first step in my process which is using a "Classic Gray" stain by Minwax.  I hope you enjoy it.

In part 2 we will see how I use an "Ebony" colored stain to simulate oil and grease stains on the ties.  This is applied before the final coloring and adds a nice detail.

In part 3 I show how to mix the final color, and after applying it I also show an area of ties I did a while ago so you can see the final dry look.  Thanks for watching.

More video's of detailing and hand laying track, as well as those turnouts will be coming in the future.  Below are some still photos of the process.

In the photo below are the raw ties after sanding and before the initial coloring.

In this photo the gray stain has been applied and allowed to dry overnight.  I just use a brush to apply the stain making sure to cover all sides.

Below is a photo of the gray ties on the left and the completed ties on the right.

Here is a photo of the same area after the ebony colored stain has been applied to the tie centers to appear as oil and grease drippings.  This is prior to the final brown top coat being applied.

Another photo of the same area a track level, this just shows the random application of the ebony color prior to the final brown top coat being applied.

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